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Dear Beautiful Friend,

When you want to FLIRT with a man, here are FIVE of the CRUCIAL ELEMENTS:

1. Being “fun to be with” – that’s more important than anything else!

2. Knowing what to say to him… in any situation.

3. Being just sexy enough… without going overboard!

4. Letting your sense of humor show – without feeling like a stand-up comic on a bad night!

5. Knowing how to READ him… so you know if he’s getting more interested (or not)!

When you’re talking to a man….

There are times when you just need THE PERFECT WORDS TO SAY… TO ANYTHING HE SAYS TO YOU?

You know… something that you can SAY right off the top of your head…

Something that’s just the right answer to whatever he says to YOU.

Knowing How To FLIRT… gives you the answer!!

Flirting is what makes love exciting – whether you’re married or single.

Knowing how to flirt with men…. well, THAT is the beginning of getting together with a guy!

That makes it VERY important! Maybe it’s the most important love life skill you’ll ever need.

That’s because when you know how to flirt, EVERYTHING else is a LOT easier.

When you are a true Flirt at heart, you can have the love life of your dreams – for the rest of your life.

It’s absolutely true. When you truly know how to “flirt with men,” you hold in your hands
the key to his heart…

AND the key to the hearts of all the OTHER men who WISH they were in your world!

In fact, you may find yourself in the enviable position of being able to choose between TWO MEN.

That’s what happens when two or more MEN want FIRST PLACE in your affections.

(Sure, I know – you don’t WANT men to fight over you! Neither did I, but listen to this:)

Have you ever known the consternation – but the secret amazement – of having two men arguing with each other because each man wants the other guy to disappear, so he can have you all to himself?

This actually happened to me… I have to say, it’s one of the most vivid emotional memories of my life.

I was dating two men at the same time – two entirely different but very interesting men. One was an artist; the other was a writer. Neither was famous but both were very talented.

One day they both appeared at our weekend place of work – which happened to be a public, outdoor place in New Orleans – at the same time.

They both were already unhappily aware of each other’s existence.

I’d never been in a situation like that one before in my life, but due to some breakups and makeups,
I found myself with not just one, but two men who wanted me to dump the other guy in favor of them.

(I was trying to make a decision between the two. More on that in a minute. Not only this but they lived around the corner from each other – imagine how much worse that made the situation.)

These two men glared at each other.

Then they began quietly but intensely arguing with each other in
broad daylight, just a few feet away from where I was working.

You could cut the tension in the air with a knife.

They detested each other – only because they each wanted an exclusive claim on my affections.

I never imagined in my wildest dreams that two men would argue over me…

I might even privately criticize another woman for getting herself in a crazy situation like that one!

But I have to be honest – a part me was deeply flattered.

It was quite a feeling to witness this event taking place and know that I was the reason for it.
And I’m not a raving beauty or a supermodel.

(I was wearing a sweet backless sundress that day – that didn’t hurt the dramatic moment one bit.)

Let me assure you, you too can experience a moment like that one, by sheer virtue of being an amazing, charming woman.

It does not matter one bit how old or young you are, either.

Sure, it was a very sticky and tense moment – but it also made me feel
deeply honored as a woman.

Every woman should experience a moment like that at least once in her lifetime!

What caused two grown, intelligent men to care enough about one woman to engage in a heated public debate?

The truth is, the whole thing was distressing to me.

One of those men was my uncommitted boyfriend who had kept me at arm’s length in many ways for the better part of a year.

The other one unabashedly showed me his feelings. I had a choice to make and it was definitely not fun.

If I was going to break up with my “boyfriend,” I didn’t want it to be for someone else. That’s just tacky.

And when it came to love, this was a subject I’d been studying since my teens… studying
what it takes for a woman to attract a man – and keep him attracted and happy and fulfilled… and what real love is all about.

Few things have ever interested me more than the subject of what happens between two people that causes deep attraction.

And over the years, I became more and more of an expert on how men feel about women, and how men are affected by what women say and do all along the way in the relationship, both good and not so good.

Flirting is where it all begins… the kind of flirting that can happen anywhere, any time – flirting with a
guy you just met, or flirting with the man you’ve been married to for twenty years.

Flirting takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary.

Flirting is what will cause a man to be devoted to you for the rest of his life.

Let’s face it, we’ve all seen relationships where women hold on to their men through sheer habit, obligation,
manipulation, guilt, or a marriage license and children.

Men in this kind of set-up aren’t really happy, and aren’t really living.

What a man wants more than anything in his heart of hearts is a woman who knows his
personal “flirt language” – whether he just met her, or whether she’s the woman he wakes
up next to every morning of his life.

That’s because life without flirting… is not really living!!

I’ll never forget the first time a guy flirted with me.

I was only twelve years old, so I didn’t even realize I was being
flirted with.

We were part of a group of young pianists in a special music school.

This boy had teased me before, but this particular day he was merciless.

He pulled my desk right next to his. I was horrified.

I scooted my desk right back where it was supposed to be.

Then he pulled my desk back beside his again!

I awkwardly scooted my desk back once again. Then he did the same thing a third time.

Flustered and embarrassed, I looked at him, wondering if he was losing his mind.

He looked right back at me with a sly smile, and said, “You’re blushing, Mimi.”

I was speechless. But I’ll never forget how I felt after he said that.

Let’s just say that my eyes were opened – and not only to the fact that he
was telling me he liked me.

That was the moment I first discovered the power of a flirtatious encounter. I don’t think I’ve
been the same since!

Do I still remember his name, oh yes, I most certainly do! I’ll never forget it!

I know that you too can look back and remember many times when flirting with a guy has made your heart beat faster!

Think back for a moment – don’t those times when you found yourself in a flirting situation stand out in your
mind, to be remembered by you forever?

But some people go through life without ever knowing the heart-racing thrill of a flirtatious encounter.

But let’s face it, getting the attention of any man can sometimes be tough (especially getting the right kind of attention)!

And the thought of flirting with men can be scary for many people – terrifying, in fact!

Yet deep inside we long to flirt, because flirting is tremendously thrilling!

Flirting provides some of the most cherished and memorable moments of your entire life.

In fact, flirting is the secret of all truly exciting encounters between a man and a woman!

Of course, some people erroneously think that you can do fine without an understanding of flirting. WRONG! Just take a
look at their results.

A lot of people think about flirting and go looking for a flirting book.

However, the big problem is most books on this subject are filled with unrealistic scenarios, and downright ridiculous
flirting lines that no woman in her right mind would ever want to say to a man!

Many of these books were actually written by MEN, who know what they THINK they want,
but who don’t have the true knowledge of a successful “femme fatale.”

I’m Mimi Tanner, the author of more than six books and programs on relationships,
and I write an email column for women about relationships.

Thousands of people read my newsletters every day!

Since my earliest teens, I’ve been devouring every bit of information there is to find on the subject of male-female

I deeply admire the “true greats” of relationship advice. Some are very well known, and some not so well
known – over the past century.

When I began to create books and programs of my own, I wanted to create a program about the “Secrets of Flirting
With Men” – and that’s exactly what I did.

“Secrets of Flirting” became the very first program of its kind – and it’s still the very best.

Just ask the thousands of people who own this program and who log in again and again.

If you ask me what’s the main goal of “Secrets of Flirting,” it’s this: to make flirting SUPER EASY to
do – even if you’re shy!

done all the thinking for you so you don’t have to struggle for the right words.

You will never, ever be at a loss for words when you’re flirting.

You’ll also know how to act – and react – to men who are flirting with you!

I’ve designed specific Flirt With Men Formulas that will fit any situation, so you will know just what to do.

And for those times when you just need to know how to react to the crazy things and situations that may
come your way with the men in your life?

I’ve got that covered too. You will have at your fingertips some EASY,
all-purpose phrases for those times when a man gets you too flustered to
think straight (we all KNOW how that feels)!

My key insights on flirting with guys are designed to meet the needs of even the most shy and hesitant woman.

My flirting tips will work for you no matter what your age – whether you’re 18 or 88!

Let my “How To Flirt” sessions be your top secret
resource to build your confidence and have heart-racing fun in the process.

“Secrets of Flirting: How To Flirt With Any Man on the Planet” is the quickest, easiest,
and best way to discover how to flirt with men.

You’ll get absolutely everything any woman needs to know in order to flirt with a man.

You’ll have every
piece of alluring, romantic “ammunition” at your disposal and you’ll know these easy flirting formulas to use
when you flirt with guys. You’ll always know what to say and do!

You might ask, “What is this online program? Do I have to be online at a certain time?”

These flirting lessons are all on a private website,
and you will enjoy them at any time that is convenient for you!

Everything is on there for you to access at any time. You even have a full five years of access to this program,
so you can return to it at your convenience at any time of the day or night – and get all updates and new bonuses.

Once you’ve gone through the program, even just a quick five minutes of logging in will inspire you again.

Not only that but you’ll enjoy lots of “Flirting Shortcuts” and “Flirting Flowcharts” to give you quick answers when you need them.

You’ll get the flirtatious mindset just by logging in from time to time – and you’ll enjoy every minute of it!

And best of all, when you learn how to flirt, the men in your life will be
overjoyed with the new, lighthearted way you interact with them.

A flirt makes herself happier and everyone around her happier too.

Flirting is something your man can never get enough of from you!

And you’ll never run out of men – if you take my complete program to heart.

If one romance ends, you can relax – because as a Flirt, you will have a new romance in your life any time you desire one.

Imagine how powerful it is to be able to conjure up love a hundred times easier than you can right now!

You’ll discover:

  How to flirt with men in ANY situation – easily!
You’ll know exactly what to say, even in a situation completely out of the blue

  How to use the element of surprise in your flirting to become indispensable to your man’s happiness

  How to look at him in the way that will focus his attention on you. He’ll realize you’re special,
but will never realize quite why- and that’s exactly what you want

  How to project the emotion and attitude that causes him to WANT to be around you

  Subtle flirting tips for the woman who feels she is “too shy” to flirt

  How to project innocence to get the attention and devotion of a man

  How to charm and flirt with your husband or boyfriend like never before – he’ll wonder what
has happened to you but he’ll love you for it!

  The unspoken language of flirting: how to send him
the messages that matter most – without saying a word

  A flirting prop you may have never thought about that works every time

  Easy ways you can practice your flirting-with-men skills to get ready for serious flirting with
guys where it counts

  How to move from flirting to a full blown romance

  The easy way to a lovely posture, because posture is the single most important message that
you’re sending to the world about you

  The easy way to have a pleasant facial expression all the time (how to avoid the so-called
bitchy resting face like the plague!)

  How to have the body language of a master flirt

  How to avoid being overly intense while flirting so you don’t scare a man off

  How to flirt with men very innocently but send some very hot messages at the same time.

  Exactly what attitude to project when you’re standing close to him that is touching and seductive at the same time

  How to act in a way that will make the conversation instantly seem more intimate

  How to look at him in a way that will make it irresistible for him not to kiss you

  What to do when, in the middle of your encounter,
you realize that you misjudged this guy, and you need to get the heck away from this character.

  How to make sure you don’t step over the line with any man (or make an enemy of a woman in his
life – the one you didn’t know about soon enough!)

  How to deny, deny, deny that you were flirting with him (if you find yourself in HOT WATER
because you flirted almost TOO WELL)

  The core secret of flirting that matters more than all the others – knowing this one secret
alone will transform the way you relate to men forever

  How to flirt and get away with it and still be perfectly innocent

  How to be gracious if you must say “no thanks” to a man who is interested in you

  How to have a hypnotic effect on a man

  How to appear to be momentarily intrigued but not too serious

  Secret, subtle gestures that give you magic and charm with him without him ever realizing
it; he’ll just know he thinks you’re charming

  How to get inside a man’s head and meet his deepest psychological needs – and they are NOT
what you think!

“Secrets of Flirting” is recommended highly by relationship experts such as Michael Webb!

Michael Webb is known as the World’s Most Romantic Man. He has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show and countless other radio and television
appearances. Mr. Webb is highly respected by his colleagues and is also one of the first writers of relationship advice and programs
to be available on the internet.

“Secrets of Flirting” is also recommended by author Bob Grant, who is a licensed professional counselor
and the best-selling author of many books on marriage, dating, and relationships. Bob Grant is well
known to women readers all over the world for his legendary insights.

Even if you’re a married or in a long-term relationship, you’ll benefit immensely from “Flirting With Men”
because you’ll find out how to charm and excite your husband, and will bring intense, new sparks to the home-fires of your marriage.

Yes, you can discover how to flirt with a man – any time, any place, and with anyone! Yes, anyone!

Your charms CAN and WILL become so fun that they should be illegal!

And of course, be very sure that no one else gets their hands on your secret information!

FACT: You’ll never find this exact in-depth information in any other ebook, book, course, or manual.

FACT: This is the ORIGINAL flirting program that written specifically *just for women*!

Other flirting books are written for both men and women, or just for men… but not this one.

This way, I can discuss “woman to woman” secrets that, frankly, we really don’t want men to know. (Sorry, guys!)

And please be aware of one thing:

This program is NOT for just anyone!

Yes, you heard that correctly. Here’s why:

I REALLY don’t want to pass these secrets on to anyone who doesn’t recognize their value.

So please – if you don’t really want to take the time to discover everything you can about attracting and
flirting with men, including some methods that may surprise you, do not sign up, sweetie-cakes!

This program is for women who want to approach life with the spirit of fun – and who want to know
everything they can about flirting and attracting men.

So let me ask you an important question:

Do you confidently know what to do and what not to do?

Do you have something handy to say in any situation?

Do you know how to flirt even when you’re nervous? I’ll show you how to make flirting as easy as breathing.
By the time you finish my program, you’ll be able to flirt on autopilot.

You know that saying, “She seems to have an answer for everything”?

After going through this unique system, when it comes to flirting, you WILL have an answer to everything!

Everything about flirting, that is. You WILL have something to say in ANY situation. And I do mean ANY.

Yes, even “witty comebacks” will be automatic responses.

You won’t even have to reach for a cheat sheet in your purse, either!

  The Complete Flirting Formulas: Exactly What To Say and Do

  How You Look and Move – The Messages You Send To Men

  The Body Language of the Master Flirt

  A Man’s Advice on Keeping Him Interested

  The Flirting Prop

  Tips of The Master Flirt

  The True Femme Fatale

  How to Flirt in Special Situations

  How To Flirt in a Relationship

  The Unique Bonus Guidebook: “How to Meet More Men Than You Ever Dreamed Possible”

  The Unique Bonus Guidebook: “How To Have a Hypnotic Effect On a Man”

  And MUCH More Is Yours Immediately!

These flirting sessions are all on a private website, and you will enjoy them at any time that is convenient for you, day or night!

You even have years of access to this program, so you can return to it at any time.

You’ll get the flirtatious mindset just by logging in from time to time – and you’ll enjoy every minute of it!

And best of all, the men in your life will be gratified with the new, lighthearted way you interact with them.

I’m also giving you my treasured “Secret” Bonus Guide: “How To Have A Hypnotic Effect on a Man and
Meet His Deepest Psychological Needs.”

This precious manual reveals how to meet your man’s hidden psychological needs and become the woman he can’t
stop thinking about – and the woman he can trust with his own deepest revelations.

Of course, no actual hypnosis is used, but the effect on your man will be the same as if you have him under your spell – for life.

Why? Because you will be meeting his deepest psychological needs.

And they’re NOT what you might be thinking! This is NOT about “appreciation”! You already KNOW that men want to be appreciated!

And when you use these truths not only with men, but with everyone in your life, you’ll find that your life goes
more smoothly, with less resistance from others, and that you will become more loved and sought after than you have ever been before.

Does this program work? The history of this program speaks for itself. Here’s what I mean.

This program began with a small group of women. A month later, it was released to the general public.

More and more women started signing up. My signature slogan became, “Keep your Flirt on!” and this is why!

Fast forward to now: women still log in to Secrets of Flirting, year in and year out.

Every day we get emails from women who want to log back in for a refresher course!

Secrets of Flirting contains more material than you’ll get at a dating seminar.

I’m tremendously excited about it, and proud of it.

Now you don’t have to tell anyone you own this program. It will be our little secret… I promise not to tell.

In Secrets of Flirting, everything is all figured out FOR you.

My mission is to make flirting easy for you – as easy as humanly possible.

You have my word that as you move through this program, flirting becomes second nature to you,
even if you’ve never flirted in your life.

It all makes sense. Something as fun as flirting not only makes logical sense….

…it’s as easy as ordering your favorite flavor of ice cream.

You know exactly what to say. You know exactly what to do. And you have a lot of fun in the process.

You go from NICE to CHARMING.

And here’s what’s even better:

You’re fun to be with.

And isn’t that the highest compliment there is? “She’s fun to be with.”

Now… small request: It will mean so much to me if you send me an email and let me know about the results you’re getting.

Some of the most meaningful emails I receive are the ones from the women who have
been quietly putting into practice these methods, and then write me after they’ve been happily married for a while.

It’s always a wonderful, lovely surprise to get an email like this.

So tell me….

Are you ready to go from NICE to CHARMING? Let’s get started together.

It’s my mission here to make flirting as easy as humanly possible – and for flirting to be the game changer in your love life!

“Mimi, I used your flirting techniques from the time I entered the restaurant. … It worked.

“I had one guy who was crazy about me, then another guy told me I was sooo attractive and hot. He told me to
dump the guy on my right who I had been talking and laughing with.

“Then two guys just kept smiling at me and came over to talk to me.

“Your flirting works and I had the greatest time. I have never quite acted this way and I know it works.”

–from a Flirting Secrets Member

“Hi Mimi, I can’t tell you how much your emails and your “flirting with men secrets” that I purchased have made a difference to my life.”

–from a Flirting Secrets Member

“Dear Mimi,

“I just wanted you to know that ever since I started receiving your emails (just 1 month), and taking the Flirting Secrets course,
I feel so much better about myself, and I always walk around with a smile.

“Previously I had one very pathetic long distance relationship. Now I have 3 guys interested in me.

“I must admit, I was skeptical at first, but now I think that everyone needs to know that your advice really works. Thank you so much.”

–from a Flirting Secrets Member

“Mimi, when I first signed up for your flirting class, I laughed at myself, because at my age (56), I thought
I Knew it all….come to find out after being married for 27 years to the same man before he passed away, I knew
nothing about the outside dating world, flirting was unheard of as only the easy, wicked women did that sort of
thing…anyway I have dated off and on but your most recent article really hit home. I re-read your flirting
manual and have been practicing… I keep learning more and more each day and I know I don’t have to settle for just any man.”

–from a Flirting Secrets Member

“Mimi: I’m putting certain tips into practice and it’s amazing how men respond! I’m practicing on my
housemate – he’s a friend – and I don’t think he’s any the wiser! I used to think I couldn’t flirt – but a
lot of the stuff you said made me realise that it’s what I’ve been doing all along!”

–from a Flirting Secrets Member

These notes from Secrets of Flirting members are powerful – and they certainly mean a lot to me, too!

Try out the Secrets of Flirting for a full 60 days and see if it doesn’t change your whole
approach to interacting with the people you care about.

And just imagine how you’ll feel when you realize that what I’m telling you works even better than
I’ve let on… you’re going to be VERY happy.

So click the button to join me and I’ll see YOU in the members area of Secrets of Flirting!

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