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Super Immunity: 15 Things You Can Do To Supercharge Your Immune System discount & review

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Discover the Closely Guarded Secrets
the Hapless Doctors, Greedy Drug Companies and Even the Nutritional Industry
Don’t Want You to Know About…

Learn 15
Simple Things You Can Do to

Supercharge Your Immune System

Skyrocket Your Energy Level and

Take Control of Your Health…

Without Pills or Potions!

From:  Jonathan Zide


Dear Seeker of Health and Vitality,

Do you wish you could feel like you were 25 again?

Do you want to regain the boundless energy and feeling of immortality that comes
with youth…without having to be a pill popping slave, forever at the mercy of
the drug companies, the nutrition industry or your Doctor?

If so, then this is the most important report you will ever read.

Here is why…

The medical industry, drug companies and even the nutritional industry are
trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

They want you to stay sick, afraid and desperate for their snake oil, because
without your fear and uncertainty they cannot keep you dependant on the very
things that keep their pockets lined with cash.

Before I go any further, I want to be clear about something…

I don’t consider myself to be against the medical establishment.
I am definitely not anti-medicine or anti-nutrition…actually I am quite the

I believe that medicine and nutrition have a very important place in
our lives. I also believe that Doctors play a vital role in keeping
society as a whole, safe from widespread illness.

But I also believe in the prevention of disease…and in being responsible for
your own health!

I believe that each of us can, and should, take action to keep ourselves as
healthy and vibrant as possible.

And that is why I am writing to you today.

Even with all the advances in modern medicine, illness is at an
all-time high.

It is obvious when you visit an Emergency room or Doctor’s office in almost any
city in the US. There are more people, who are all waiting longer, yet each person is getting
less face time with the Doctors and Specialists to really address their health

Insurance is covering less, and Doctors are scrambling just to keep their heads
above water.

While the days of barbaric medical procedures, such as lobotomies and trepanning
(drilling holes in peoples head) are long over…is it really any less torturous to make patients wait days, weeks
or even months to be seen, when their health issues are causing them pain and
suffering – and severely restricting the quality of their lives?

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight…

Unless of course you are willing to take action, get informed and take
responsibility for your own health!

Now I’m not suggesting that you “Play Doctor” and try to self-diagnose your own
health issues. That would be reckless and irresponsible of me.

But there is an

What I am suggesting is that you take the time to discover the keys to improving
your health and vitality so that you aren’t at the mercy of the pill pushing
doctors, their drug company suppliers, or the nutrition companies using fear and
uncertainty to sell you their wares.

What I am talking about is much simpler than you think. (It is actually even
easier than trying to get in to see your Doctor.)

I’m talking about Super Immunity: 15 Simple Things You Can Do to Supercharge
Your Immune System, Skyrocket Your Energy Level and Take Control of Your
Health…Without Pills or Potions!

If you ever wanted to feel vibrant and healthy…and reclaim the energy of your
youth, now you can. 

For example:

Did you know
that over 93% of all people don’t get enough of one thing


that is absolutely
vital to their health…even though it
is 100% free? 


(It is not something you eat, drink or breathe…although it is almost as


important as air.)


There is
at least one pill that almost everyone should take each day, regardless of


age or overall level of health. Plus you can get it
really cheap.


you know that there is an inexpensive white powder found at most


health food
stores (and
many grocery stores too) that can supercharge your energy and
health for just pennies a day. It is 100% legal,


stimulant free and as a matter of fact you already have some of it in


your body right now. And no it is not salt or sugar.


water is good, but how much is too much? People have actually died by not


when to say when!  We’ll give you the skinny on how much you should be


drinking, as well as an inexpensive “additive” you can use to help your body


effectively use the water
you drink.


square meals a day is the best way to eat, right?


if you want to gain weight, have less energy and be less healthy.


Discover why eating more often is actually better for you. We’ll give you all the details.


“lazy” is okay. Sometimes the best way to make something happen is


to do
nothing. Learn when taking the time to relax and do
nothing will get


closer to your goal than working your nose to the grindstone ever



And there’s more…

you ever considered meditation, but just couldn’t sit still long
  enough to even relax?  Learn the secrets to getting everything
   you ever wanted out of life at the push of a button.
only is it real, but it can help you get boundless energy,
  meditate like a Buddhist
monk or even help you lose weight
stop smoking almost overnight. (It is not hypnotherapy…
it works at least 1,000 times better…and costs just pennies a day.)

doing this one thing for just a few minutes 2 to 3 times a day can
  not only
save your life, but it can EASILY quadruple your energy
  (Many people simply cannot do it, but we’ll teach you 3 easy ways it
  can work for you.)
probably think that you know how to breathe…Right? Learn the
shocking truth why most people don’t breathe the right way to fill
  their blood with the oxygen they need to function properly…let
  achieve peak performance. 
We’ll share the little-known secret with you that you can
TODAY, to break this vicious cycle once and
for all. Almost instantly
   you’ll feel better, look better and maybe even
gain a few IQ points.

the three items found in almost any kitchen that can help you
back your health…and unleash boundless energy within just a
  few days. 
The best part is that their combined cost is only a few cents 
  per day.

Remember how I said that too much water can actually be bad for
you. Well too much exercise can be bad for you too.
The old
  saying, “No Pain, No Gain” couldn’t be further from the truth…
and I am not just talking about injuries either.

If you
put any of these things in your body, you are creating a recipe for
  disaster. It may not happen today or tomorrow, but when
you least
  expect it your body WILL get you back.
Stress is bad…or so you’ve been told.  Learn why SOME
stress is
  actually good, but why too much can literally kill you. 
You’ll discover how to put stress in its place once and for all so
you can harness its power as fuel for whatever projects,
   business, etc that you are working on…without experiencing  
its harmful side-effects.

has an opinion about what you should eat…and what you
  shouldn’t.  What you eat really does play a key role in your overall
  health and vitality.
  But that doesn’t mean that you need to torture yourself by eating
  a bland diet of tasteless twigs and sprouts. We’ll give you the
  real truth about what you should and shouldn’t be eating.

HOW you eat is just as important as WHAT you eat. If you do
either of these two things incorrectly when you eat, your
body will need to work 10 times harder to digest your food.
You’re probably doing them now, but we’ll show you how
to quickly and easily avoid them for good!
Do you
want to know one of the best ways to dramatically reduce
soreness a day or two after a good workout? It is a 2 cent
  cure that you probably already have at home.
much more.

But don’t just take my word
for it.

Find out how you can get
your no risk, no obligation copy of my new Special Report:

Immunity:15 Simple
Things You Can Do to Supercharge Your Immune System, Skyrocket Your Energy Level
and Take Control of Your Health…Without Pills or Potions!

With your permission,
I would like to send you a copy to review for the next 60 days.

Simply follow my easy to
understand, straightforward advice…and watch how your life changes.

Most readers find that they
feel stronger, have more energy, sleep better and even have a better sense of
overall well-being.   

And I’ll even guarantee your

Here’s how…

If after 8 weeks you don’t
experience amazing results, just give me a call or send me an email
and let me know that you would like to return your copy and I will buy
it back from you for every penny you paid.

If you apply the principles,
tips, strategies and secrets I share with you and you don’t achieve
amazing results then I will gladly refund your money.  No pressure
and no hard feelings. I absolutely promise.

You simply cannot lose!

So why would I agree to
shoulder all the risk?

I am betting that you won’t
want to return your copy.  Instead, you will likely want to
purchase additional copies for your friends and loved-ones.  Once you start to
experience the energy and vitality possible with a supercharged immune system,
you’ll wonder how you ever lived before.

So what’s the cost?

Before I share the cost with
you I want to be clear about something…

While much of the
information found in this Special Report is cutting-edge, not all of it is new. 
Over the years I have worked with Holistic Practitioners, Medial Doctors,
Nutritionists, Athletes, Healers, among others, to gather and refine this
information to put it into an easy to follow report that you can use to almost
immediately see dramatic changes in your energy and health.

If you wanted to spend weeks
and possibly months doing extensive research you could probably find some of the
same information that I’ll share with you.

But what is your time worth?

I’ve had people who have
suggested that this information is so valuable that it should cost hundreds of
dollars.  But that simply puts it out of the reach of the people
who need it most.

Is it worth $100 or even

You bet it is!

What could you do with the
extra time you had from not feeling sick and tired all the time?

Could you start a business? 

Maybe take up a new sport or

Spend more time with your
family and friends?

What is your
health really worth to you?

Although many people tell
me the price is way too low, you can get your own copy of my Special
Report for the low price of just $47.

Imagine that…

You can
have…health…vitality…boundless energy…and more…all for under $50.

And there’s more…

I have 2 free bonuses reserved for you…

…but only if you act

Super Immunity Audio Recordings (2 mp3 files)

Since some people learn better by listening instead of reading, we recorded the audio version of the Super Immunity report. You’ll get the audio at no extra charge

I’m currently putting the
finishing touches on a very important special report called Colon
Cleansing Demystified
. In it you’ll learn everything you ever
wanted to know about colon cleansing, including:


Colon cleansing is safe…right? Some types of cleanses are safer


than others. We’ll give you everything you’ll need to know to


make an informed decision for yourself.


This advice alone could easily save you a lot of pain and discomfort…


and possible help you avoid serious health complications!


about 5 different types of colon cleansing and find out which one


is right
for you.


Discover more than 9 risk factors that can dramatically increase


your need for a cleanse…and how to avoid them in the future.


If you
suffer from any of these 8 conditions or meet these 3 criteria


should NOT try colon cleansing.

Find out what they are BEFORE


it is
too late.


Think all practitioners are equal? They are not! We’ll tell you how to


find a certified practitioner who knows what they are doing.


Find out
even more about colon cleansing using the 25 web links we


provide for your convenience.


And much more!

This special report alone
will sell for $37, but you can get your copy absolutely free if you
order Super Immunity: 15 Simple Things You Can Do to Supercharge
Your Immune System, Skyrocket Your Energy Level and Take Control of
Your Health…Without Pills or Potions!

But again you’ll have to act

Once we begin selling
Colon Cleansing Demystified
this free offer will be
gone forever.

So here’s what to do now…

We’ve made ordering a snap
for you.  Simply click on the Order Now button and you’ll
get instant access to download your copy of the report now. This way you can get started fast.

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Don’t wait…Isn’t it time you
had the energy and vitality of your youth back? 

You’ve worked hard to get to
where you are in life…shouldn’t you have the health and energy to enjoy

To Your Health,

Jonathan Zide

P.S.  Only a
small percentage of people truly enjoy the benefits of exceptional health. 
Shouldn’t you be one of them?

Order your copy today of Super Immunity: 15 Simple Things You Can
Do to Supercharge Your Immune System, Skyrocket Your Energy Level and Take
Control of Your Health…Without Pills or Potions!

Plus you’ll get the 2 free bonuses…while they last.

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