Sunday, November 28th, 2021

Unbounce vs Clickfunnels – Look which one gives Best value for money?

Talking about Unbounce vs. ClickFunnels, you probably want to know which one gives the best value for money. Anyway, these web building platforms are very famous among web developers because they offer simplicity and easiness in building websites.

Unbounce vs. Clickfunnels – Look which one gives the Best value for money?

Somehow, you have to choose between Unbounce vs. ClickFunnels for you cannot use both of them. Therefore, if you want to know which one to pick, you may check these following comparison.

Unbounce vs. ClickFunnels Features

The central aspect that you have to find out to know whether they give the best value for money is the feature. What features do Unbounce and ClickFunnels offer? Anyway, when we talk about features, both of these platforms may look similar. They have the same function in which you can build any landing pages, websites, or any sites easily. Somehow, ClickFunnels comes with Backpack as the best affiliate marketing tool while Unbounce has no affiliate marketing tool yet. Both of these web builders also have drag and drop editor that makes everything feel so comfortable and fast. In a particular case, ClickFunnels has more features than Unbounce. Actionetics also becomes the most favorite feature of Clickfunnels as the best-automated email marketing campaign tool. Overall, we would recommend you to choose ClickFunnels in term of features. What about the price?

Unbounce vs. ClickFunnels Pricing

You probably think that ClickFunnels has better feature. Does ClickFunnels also have better pricing too? Let us compare the pricing between Unbounce vs. ClickFunnels.

Unbounce comes with three plan options. The Essential plan costs about $79 per month, the Premium plan costs about $159 per month, and the Enterprise plan costs about $399+. With Unbounce, you have a chance to get 30 days free trial.

Meanwhile, ClickFunnels comes with two plans; they are Startup plan and Full Suite plan. The Startup plan costs about $97 per month while the Full Suite plan costs about $297 per month. ClickFunnels comes with 14-day free trial only with the money back guarantee.

So, let us compare the ClickFunnels Full Suite plan vs. Enterprise plan. ClickFunnels full suite plan is only $297 per month while Unbounce is very expensive which is about $399+ per month. In this case, we can conclude that ClickFunnels is better in term of pricing.


We only need to identify two aspects to know whether a web building platform gives the best value for money or not. You have to check the features whether it offers some great and powerful features and then you also need to check the price. ClickFunnels does not only have more powerful features than Unbounce, but it is also cheaper than Unbounce. So, we can say that ClickFunnels is much better than Unbounce. If you currently use Unbounce, then you can start to use ClickFunnels as the best alternative. You can build a lot of sales funnels to increase your profit. Also, you also get 14-day free trial to sign up for ClickFunnels, and you can cancel the purchase at any time during the free trial if you do not like it.



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