Tuesday, June 15th, 2021

Upside Trading Strategies: Using Options for High Profits with Low Risk discount

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Using a tried and true methodology, Andy Chambers will show you how the basic tenets of technical analysis can translate into big gains for you in futures options. During this 90-minute DVD, Andy will review his favorite trade setups, explain his easy to recognize method for defining swing highs and lows on any chart, and review the key action points that can be the catalyst for entering or exiting a trade including breakouts, wide-range reversals, gaps, hurdles, failed signals, and tails.

He will also cover his favorite stochastic divergence setups and share his unique seasonal charts that actually forecast the future price levels for each market. He will discuss the importance of strategizing, especially with options, and especially for traders with smaller accounts. To wrap it all up, Andy will illustrate the impact presidential election results usually have on interest rates and how to take advantage of those types of opportunities using futures options.

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