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What is Active Campaign – Things You Should Know      

What is an Active Campaign?

Before anything else, it is worthy to note that Active Campaign is not only an email service provider. Instead, it tries to offer a holistic approach. The entire process of email lead generation through four essential functions:

  • Marketing automation
  • Email marketing
  • Messaging
  • CRM and sales

What is an Active Campaign? An Overview

Active Campaign is a series of several marketing applications. It is combined in a single user-friendly platform. And designed to address the needs of different areas of small businesses. This system allows the seamless creation of engaging and stunning emails. Also harnessing the power of social media marketing. Finding more information about contacts and applying technology. It uses marketing automation for small businesses that were once unreachable.

Active Campaign boasts of over a hundred thousand users all over the world. The system helps them grow their business. The application is quick and easy to set up with no need for credit card information. There are also over 150 integrations. And users can take advantage of fast, helpful, and friendly support.

Benefits of Active Campaign

The primary advantages of Active Campaign include restricted content for current information. Sales CRM, easy to use API, event tracking tool, and site tracking feature.

Conditional content

This allows users to change content depending on the contact. For instance, users can show completely different images or text blocks on the email. It depends on the web pages that were viewed and how contacts have been tagged. The feature can be used when sending out communication of sale notification through email. Or every time certain products are displayed that were supposed to be viewed before.

Site monitoring

The site tracking feature connects marketing to the behavior of a specific contact. It lets users respond to the customers according to their activities on the site. Users can then adjust their market according to their potential or current clients’ interests.

To do this, the site tracking feature allows the system to check what the contact is doing in the site of the users. An entire history of the page view is attached to every contact record. For users to see what they did and didn’t do on the site.

Event monitoring

Active Campaign comes with a feature known as Event Tracking. It allows communication with the contacts regarding specific actions made in the system. This information can be used to develop highly customized marketing. This feature can also be used to notify the system every time a user logs into the website. This can also be used if you want to trigger follow-up campaigns.

Sales CRM

The automation tools of the system also function similar to CRM that allows smooth marketing to sales transition. The marketing automation comes in handy during the process of marketing. And this is also the same process of marketing that can be used to automate different tasks on the sales process.

Intuitive API

Active Campaign has an easy to use API that lets users fully and easily integrates this system with the existing ecosystem of apps. Capabilities can be extended if required.

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