Tuesday, May 18th, 2021

What Is Constant Contact -What Are Other Choices

For many years, Constant Contact is one of the leaders when it comes to email marketing. However, as impressive as its name stands, a closer look reveals that it is a failure in adapting to the growingly sophisticated needs of eCommerce. When compared to Constant Contact competitors, it lacks some automation functions, which email marketing has grown valuable for. Moreover, the options for its email capture are outdated and lack customizability.

Although it is a fact that Constant Contact is best for beginners in email marketing, you can also try some of its competitors:


It’s a great lead generation and email marketing service for small business sites. It is easy to create a mobile-friendly subscription form with AWeber to improve your email list. It features a drag and drop builder for email creation and has an automated system to send newsletters.


It’s another powerhouse for any marketing department. You may use this for organizing your mailing list and sending welcome emails. It is also an excellent hub to build your future emails. With tracking and sending features, including customer loyalty programs and reminders, it is made for users to maintain a long-lasting relationship. In terms of features, it comes with the basics you require to launch email campaigns and create ads for Google and social media. It also has basic automation options and features that will help you test different messages and segment your audience.


It is a good option for all email marketers who focused on CRM. ActiveCampaign offers different automation options to help you keep the sales processes running smoothly with just minimal effort. It also has advanced marketing automation features, which are customizable with the use of an intuitive interface. Moreover, it integrates seamlessly with various communication channels.


It’s the most famous eCommerce-based email marketing platform, which features an intelligent marketing automation method to encourage visitors to join your email list. With the use of Drip, you may create conversations with the users and send emails to them following their behaviors like the product page they viewed or the webpage they visited.

Drip also enables you to send customized text messages to the users. Drip checks if the users are visiting your website for the first time, or your visitors are regular users so that the message will be sent accordingly.


Although ConvertKit was designed with content creator and blogger in mind, it comes with all the basics you require to support your business operation. When it comes to email marketing, it offers customizable forms and enables unlimited email send-outs. It also comes with a visual builder for the automation. It also supports the direct integration of about 70 apps and more through its API.

If you want to know how you can make most out of Constant Contact, check out https://nicktsai.com/constantcontact/.

You can also learn more about the different Constant Contact competitors by visiting http://emailmarketingcookbook.com for free training.

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