Sunday, May 9th, 2021

What is Infusionsoft – Should You Use It?

With the countless business owners who rely on Infusionsoft for their marketing needs, some may wonder what Infusionsoft is. Do you need it for your business? Should you use it?

Well, Infusionsoft is used by thousands of businesses to save time, get organized, and grow sales. It is built for small businesses. Whether your storefront is on the physical street, online, or service on the go, this marketing tool can be of great help.

You may use its streamlined integrations to connect it with each third-party software you are using. Contact the tech support team of the company and use their advice to blend Infusionsoft in the corporate ecosystem.

You can also use Infusionsoft to map out every step of your marketing and sales strategy and automate repetitive tasks like follow-up. With this, you may scale personal relationships with the customers, enrich leads, and so on.

In addition to that, Infusionsoft lets you centralize every daily activity and customer interaction in one place, collect payments using a centralized system, improve your productivity, sell more online, and get new leads and turn them to customers.

Some Features of Infusionsoft

There are many features you can enjoy from using Infusionsoft, and these include:

  • CRM or Contact Relationship Manager

When it comes to Infusionsoft CRM, you will find two primary sections, and these are opportunities and contacts. The possibilities are available only if you have sales automation features.

  • Lead Scoring

It allows you to set up some system-side rules to determine if contacts are hot or not. The system should be set up by the user, and you will need to make a strategy around it.

  • Tags

These are where you will find how powerful Infusionsoft is. Tags allow you to get granular in who you would want to segment within your database. What makes tags beautiful with its all-in-one solution is that they can be applied automatically or be removed from contacts as they move through your sales and marketing.

Reasons to Use Infusionsoft

If you have doubts about Infusionsoft, here are the reasons why you should use it:

Your Customers are Smarter

You have to take note that your customers often expect better marketing. They expect personalized marketing, and if that is not what you are delivering, you may count on losing their interests fast.

Your Email Marketing Provider is One-Dimensional

There are lots of things you can pull off with much simpler tools. But, they are not as robust enough like Infusionsoft to scale your business.

You Should Know Lifetime Customer Value

During your yearly analysis periods, you must be determining what customers are worth to you. With Infusionsoft, the process is just a snap.

You Have to Track Your Lead Sources Accurately

One of the best features of Infusionsoft is its Lead Source tracking. You must look back and calculate new leads, customers, and revenues from particular Lead sources. This is vital information, and Infusionsoft can help you with this.

You Need Tools for Multiplying Your Efforts

You need to wear lots of hats as a small business. Infusionsoft runs the same way, and it’s capable of performing many complex tasks, so you do not need to. Remember that time is money.

It is always your choice to use Infusionsoft or not. If you like to know about email marketing and how Infusionsoft can help you, go to for free training.

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